GROUP 5  
  2023 Inter-Group  
  Sunday 11th June v Group 8 @ 10:00am Harlow B.C.  
  Lead Nelson Baretto   Lead Colin Foster  
  2 Brian Powell   2 Steve O'Brien  
  3 Mark Newman   3 Steve McKay  
  Skip Bill Nelson   Skip Paco Rodrigues  
  Lead Moosa Patel   Lead Peter Brown  
  2 John McAndrews   2 Ken Spicer  
  3 Rob Kane   3 Peter Barham  
  Skip Jerry Quy   Skip Keith Riley  
  Lead Peter Cybuch   Lead Alex Mair  
  2 Tony Brooks   2 Bill Bateman  
  3 Paul Meckiff   3 Dave Howell  
  Skip Mike Cornwell   Skip Mark Willcocks  
  Reserves:     Reserves:    
  Bowls on the green by 9.30am. The Dress Code is:
a) Before and after the match:- Blazer, grey trousers, white shirt with Group 5 tie.
b) For the match:- Group 5 Shirt, Whites trousers, with  white bowls shoes.